In the spring of 2016 Nick Deamer and I made a trip form Sacramento, California to Omaha, Nebraska in a 1992 Honda Accord station wagon. To commemorate this epic journey we took a statuette from a bowling trophy we found in the storage room of our new abode and put it in the car as a hood ornament. 
This gesture pays homage to Wim Wender's seminal 1976 road movie "Kings of the Road" (Im lauf der Zeit), a serendipitous adventure involving two friends traveling in a truck across West Germany. In a memorable scene, one of the characters steps outside the vehicle and walks up to a figurine stemming from a shaft on the side of the road. He stands beside it and gleefully raises his arms in the air, imitating the posture of the hovering model. As a rendition to this emotional moment in the film, Nick also stands alongside the car mimicking the sleek bowler.
The ornament on the Honda's hood is an audacious icon that is stepping into the future, reminding us that the trip is more important than the final destination. It's a celebration of friendship, and a node between everyday life and the world of movies.